Mr. AAR & Mr. Mex

Mr. AAR, I met you online. Things seamed great but I never should have met you in person. What started off as a night in watching movies turned into a sex session with consequences. I told you no multiple times but you held me down and forced yourself on me. Then after you asked me to take a bath with you. While in the bathtub you asked me to marry you and have multiple children together. I told you I wasn’t ready for that. Shortly after I left you and never spoke to you again. You continued to reach out months after on Facebook and through messages but I blocked you.

Mr. Mex, you I also met online. We hit it off right away too. We explored the coast together and had fun. But you too became clingy right away. Stating you had to go home and were wondering if anything were to happen and you couldn’t get back into the USA if I would come save you by marrying you. I told you no, yet you wouldn’t take the hint. You like Mr. AAR, kept stalking me for a while.


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