Mr. Liar

Mr. Liar,

If It wasn’t for our demise, I would have never gotten with my now ex-husband and gotten married. We had something good together. We hit it off from the beginning. That was until your ex-fiancé asked to meet you and talk. Things began to unravel then. You found out she was pregnant with your child yet you didn’t want to be in a relationship with her and wanted to be in one with me. But, as you kept seeing me you also informed me that you were trying to make things work with her. You wanted to be involved in your baby’s life, which I understood. Since I felt like the second woman, I drifted away to let you work things out while I went and found my now ex-husband.  We knew we couldn’t just be friends and had to be more than that. So, we cut off communication.


It wasn’t until my marriage started to crumble that I reached out again to you. Of course, we hooked back up the day I kicked my husband out, why wouldn’t we… About the second time after we hooked up you informed me you had gotten married to your ex and baby momma, but were in an open relationship. You had lied to me and didn’t tell me the truth until after. I had always been truthful to you! Over the two years we had known each other I knew you were hiding other secrets, maybe your name wasn’t really what you told me, maybe you hadn’t actually broken up with your ex.

I gave you my heart and you crushed it.


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