Mr. Groper

Mr. Groper, a guy I worked with and made the mistake of going out on a date with once. That one date, I didn’t feel comfortable and made one of my roommates call and inform me there was an emergency and I had to get home. Our first date was supposed to be a good date. We were going to go to see a movie, the movie was empty, it was dark, you began to put your hand up my skirt and down my shirt. You kissed me passionately. In yet another instance I froze. I didn’t know what to do, I had never been in this instance. I moved your hand from under my skirt and then you went after my boobs. I tried to end it with you after that. You knew you messed up and promised you wouldn’t do it again. So, I gave you a second chance, this time we went to a coffee shop. Again, you made it very uncomfortable for me, making sure we were in a private corner so that you could “cuddle with me” and again put your hand down my shirt.

It was after this second time that I knew we were never going to be anything more and I stopped talking to you. You didn’t get it though. Thankfully our boss fired you shortly after due to other reasons and I never saw or heard from you again.


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