Mr. Adventurous

Mr. Adventurous was probably the most fun and exciting of them all… until I realized what was really happening. It wasn’t long after my marriage breakup that I met him online. What started out as fun and playful quickly took a turn into trying to fill all of my fantasies and his as well.

Looking back, I would say this was also a time in my life where decisions were not being made with a clear head.

The first time I met him we had “fun”, it was just us in my house. Not long after he invited me to his office for “fun” during my lunch breaks and after work. He wanted me to experiment like I wanted, and he guided me through it. Providing people to be apart of it, men and women. I had very extravagant experiences. But then things began to get different. I would show up at his office and he would tell me to get naked then someone else would walk in. He would video all or most of it, then have that person leave before having me get dressed and leave.

I began to feel used and dirty. I would distance myself from him but he keep texting asking me to come over. I finally stopped replying to him all together. He was furious. He said he wanted to be with me for a long time… even after I was married again. Yet he didn’t want to be married to me. He hadn’t opened up his life to me like how I needed and deserved. He was one of the last sexual experiences I have ever had to this day.


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