Mr. Gold Medalist

My first experience with, Mr. Gold Medalist, was in my second semester statistics class. We were close to finishing out the semester when I got an email from him asking me to help him study. This was new to me since no one ever asked me this. It wasn’t long before I figured out it wasn’t studying. He tried to win me over first with going out and studying or doing homework together, but as quick as that happened it turned into a night in watching movies in his room. I knew it was getting close to that stage and I wasn’t completely comfortable with it.

You see I had been dating an older man on and off for a few years before that, Mr. Silver Medal, I had made many advances with him but none prevailed (you’ll hear more about him next time).

One late afternoon, we were sitting in Mr. Gold Medals room, watching a movie when he started to kiss me. I was on cloud nine, I thought this was what I wanted. I didn’t make it easy though, he almost ripped out my pants before I knew what was completely happening. He took my virginity before I even knew what was happening. I thought there was a connection there, but slowly us hanging out anywhere besides a bedroom after 10:00pm was null and void.

I pushed him for more but soon it became two weeks without contact followed by a booty call. I tried to stop it but I wasn’t strong enough yet. I wanted any source of love that I could find. He was my first, I wanted it to last. Slowly over time though i began to realize what was happening and broke it off.

Every once in a while though Mr. Gold Medalist has a way of making his presence known… that was until recently when I changed my phone number and turned off my Facebook.


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