I was listening to the radio between Christmas and New Years and the host asked the audience, “What is your top story of 2017?” He went on to state that he got to take a trip to Australia to see his daughter. People were calling in and one even stated her’s was that she lost her job.

It got me thinking about what my top story of 2017 would be. I couldn’t think of anything that big! There were sure some highlights of the year, like I was officially divorced on the 3rd of January, I got to get to spend time with my niece and continue to mend relationships with family members, but that’s all I could think of. I really had no idea what other highlights I would have that were good. I mean yeah, I got paid from my ex husband and am officially over him and having anything to do with him. But those things don’t seem as big as what this year could have held.

Do you ever have that, when you look back at the year and can’t think of anything BIG that happened that you are overly happy about? What qualifies as Big to you? Are Milestones really that big in the grand scheme of things?

New Year's Resolutions

What about this years resolutions? Do you have any realistic big dreams to accomplish this year? I gave up on the loosing weight and getting healthy one. That will happen in time. I think my biggest resolution this year is to find the little things in life, the things that make me happy and to do more of those things.

Did you know, speaking of resolutions, there is a day in January known as “Ditch New Years Resolutions Day” it’s January 17th. I wonder if that means people usually make it only 17 days before they ditch their resolutions. It’s so easy to do, we always put things off until the next day or the next day and when we screw up on our resolutions we think, “Oh well, I’ll just get back on the band wagon tomorrow…” Why do we even make resolutions if they end up being broken anyway?



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