“To be Human is to be beautifully flawed”

Today is a no good, rotten day.

To be Human is to be beautifully flawed.

The best is yet to come.

We have been forgiven by God, so that we can forgive others.

Do not dwell on the past, for today is a brand new day.

Have you ever heard any of these sayings? Some of them are from movies, others are from books and others we have heard down the line from someone in our family or our friends.

We try to live a good life but what if our good life doesn’t equal what the world or our family and friends classify as a good life. We all make bad decisions, but those decisions can either define us or use us to make us a better person. In the movie October Baby there’s a line that states, “To be Human is to be beautifully flawed” and then in that same breath the actor states, “Hate the crime, not the criminal”. It’s so easy to do though, hate the criminal (the one who does us wrong) rather than the crime (the action they committed).

I learned this week about forgiveness. Just because we forgive doesn’t mean we have to forget. We need to forgive though because God has forgiven us. He sent his son down to earth to die for our sins. Christmas, although it’s joyful, is also a time of morning the real reason Jesus was born on this earth, to take away our sins. We can’t hate God or Jesus for doing that, we have to hate the fact that our sins were so great that God had to send his only son, Jesus, to die for our sins. Through that debt God forgave even the gravest of sins. This doesn’t mean we can just keep on sinning, we have to repent and try to do things better. We will have bad days but that shouldn’t define who we are. Today is a new day, yesterday is gone. The best is still yet to come.


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