Life is always filled with decisions. We will always have forks in the pathway and will have to decide which path to choose. We wish that life was easier for us so that we didn’t have to make the wrong decisions but making the wrong decision helps us learn and grow. What happens when none of the options look good? What do you do then? Pick the one that looks less gloomy then the others?

One decision can mean a world of difference. Maybe it’s if you should drink and drive, then end up hurting someone or yourself. Or maybe you let someone down after they asked you out for a date, what if that person was the one?

How do you make decisions? Especially the hard ones? Are you one that likes to stay away from conflict so you end up getting into situations you’d rather not be in because you didn’t say no? Or are you one who stands up for what you believe in and takes the world by the horns?



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