A name can be a powerful thing. Weather you’re last name is in direct correlation with some powerful figure or you are named after your late fathers’ mother. We all have a first name, middle and last name. Most likely our parents didn’t just pick a name out of thin air. There is a reason why you are named the name you are. Names are often one of the first things we learn about each other.

We all know in our lifetimes there are reason why people want to change their name, some of them include:

  1. Getting married and taking your husband or wife’s last name
  2. Disconnecting from your family heritage by changing your last name
  3. Hating your first name so you change it
  4. Running from the law or your past

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a different name? To live a different life? Wonder what would happen if the stork dropped you off 3 doors down instead of at your parents doorstep? Where would you be now, today?


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