Words no one wants to hear or feel. Yet we still hear and feel them. We may feel rejected by a significant other or a family member or friend. We may feel used for a certain purpose from that person.

The people we want to be loved and accepted by the most are the ones that tend to hurt us the most. The brother who is out with your niece and walks right past your door on Halloween. The guy who would be perfect for you but is either in a toxic relationship they can’t get out of, the person that lies to you all the time, or the person who wants to be committed to you and expresses it but when it gets time to dating they run away.

At what point do you cut your losses and move on? What about if it’s that family member, you can’t really cut off from them… is there truly a happy everafter for everyone. I was told during a divorce meeting that God created a soulmate for everyone and that he will deliver your soulmate right in your lap. Well here I am God willing and waiting!


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