“I forgive you”

3 powerful words yet aren’t said nearly enough. They are hard words to swallow and say. Especially when there is so much anger or resentment toward someone. Forgiveness takes time. It isn’t something that comes easy. You really have to work at it and want to forgive someone. It’s a work in progress with no due date. Then you have the “I forgive you” but I’m not going to tell you because I’m not ready. So you write a simple note that says “I forgive you” and you seal it in the envelope and you write their name on it but you don’t send it. You want it in writing but you don’t want to give that person satisfaction or ammunition to go after you for unresolved things. You may be still seeking justice through form of payment, financial support or anything else and just because you forgive that person doesn’t mean you have to stop going after then for justice.


I forgive you!


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