Alright so lets talk real here for a minute (like I haven’t been all along…psh). After someone tries to attempt suicide there is a ripple effect. The effect on yourself, on your job, on your relationships, etc.



Lets first talk about the after effects on yourself. Depending on what you tried to do, there could be a Psych evaluation, hospital stay, for sure counseling and for sure a trip to your doctor (whoever it may be) to evaluate your meds.

After all of that is completed there’s people constantly checking on you and in your business. Asking if you’re alright and if you want to talk about it. You also have those people who judge you and think that the attempt to kill yourself was just a cry for attention.

What you really want is for everyone to leave you alone and go lay in bed for days on end. But life doesn’t work that way. You have a job, you have a life, you may be married, you may have kids or pets. They won’t let you lay in bed wallowing in pain and self pitty, unless you don’t want any of those things. It sucks but you have to get right back at life and try and be a version of yourself that is healthy and mentally sound.



God does everyone hate working. We live in a society where people love to be at home and not have to work BUT still can make money. I will admit I am one of them.

They may give you a day off after the incident or if you end up on a Psych ward they will have to give you the day off. You would go through all of your savings and vacation yet still not working. When you are finally back to work people will again constantly ask you if you are okay and you will forever have that label on your back stating, “This person tried to commit suicide”.

We all need a source of income so we know that staying in bed is not an option for us wanting to survive. So we drag ourselves out of bed, grab some coffee, try to put on our best self and head into work. We are often late and stick to ourselves. We become anti-social and fear other people are judging us.



I feel like the relationships after suicide are the things that are most effected and usually not in a good way. Again people are always around ensuring you are okay and making you talk about your feelings. They will baby you and judge you at the same time. At some point they will begin to see that you are okay to their standards and then they will back away.

We as the people who have attempted suicide, we will begin to put that face back on and mask our emotions so people will back away. Yet we won’t really work it out completely. The thought of suicide will always be with us no matter what. We will also be planning our next attempt in the back of our mind. We may never act on it but the thought is always there.

Dep2   DEP4

Suicide should never be an option yet some people don’t think about how it will effect others they just think about ending their life to end the pain.



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