I don’t even know how to write about this…

I’m currently seeing a chronic masturbator. He admits it and has recently admitted to me that when I left to go to the store with his roommate, for about 20 minutes, he masturbated until he was just about ready to get off then stopped. He even admitted to me that he masturbates at work. This is an every day occurrence, at least once a day. We have sex quite a bit so it kind of surprises me that he still needs to do that while I’m not around. It takes forever for him to finish when we are having sex. Like most of the time he has to jerk himself off after I have finished a few times.

He has a fetish with his man parts and likes when I hold them or go down on them. To the point that he asks me to do either/or every time we are together. Honestly I’ve never had to deal with this before…


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