Have you ever been in a committed relationship but there’s very little “deep” talking and a whole bunch of sex? Like every time you are together with this other person you talk but you make it a point to have sex with them at least once before someone leaves? If you have you have people been at a stage in the relationship where you begin to question if this is really going to work… That moment where you begin to think, ‘is the sex really worth it?’ Yes that person treats you well and you treat them well but you don’t feel that connection that the other person might feel. Maybe your thinking, “what if we get bored with each other and stop having sex every day we are together? Will it be boring then with the awkward silence?”

This can go both ways, I have also been in relationships where you have had deep conversations but there was no sexual connection there at all.

You know that you will never be happy for long in these relationships but at some point you have to cut the cord and move on. The hardest part for some people is cutting that cord though. After you break up you think ‘maybe they are the person for me’ You begin to second guess yourself on all levels.



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