Everyone hates being alone at some point or another, but when we get close to Valentine’s Day the idea of us being alone gets more and more real. We become desperate to find someone to spend the day with. Even if you aren’t exchanging gifts or doing anything special. At least you aren’t spending the day alone. sad

That’s how I feel this Valentine’s Day. It’s the first one after my divorce and I am in the process of moving on. I don’t want to be in a relationship with this guy I’m seeing but I also don’t want to be alone. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is pretty amazing it just that he isn’t “my type” we don’t have very many things in common besides a love of sex. So why do you ask, am I keeping him around? Because dumping someone right before Valentine’s Day seems so much worse than waiting it out a few weeks and ending things.

I am sick of being alone all the time and wish that I wouldn’t be alone. The guy I want is too busy and may not even be the guy for me. Then there’s my friends with benefits guy who told me he loved me yet can’t commit to anything more than casual sex. Dating has become so complicated. Sometimes people are in it just for sex, other times they are pushing and marriage after the first date. Where are all the good ones? You know the ones that won’t push for marriage or sex and just have a steady relationship?



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