The Energizer Bunny

Have you ever dated or had sex with a guy who was like an Energizer Bunny? You know what I mean the one that could go all night and last forever?


I went out? (we stayed in together) with one last night. We literally had sex for an hour and he was nowhere near getting me anywhere close to the end and he took forever to cum. Let me tell you he’s a great guy, pretty good lucking (If I were still into someone who had the back country look like my ex) but we don’t really have much in common. Our tastes in music is so different as well as movies. Trust me I love talking to him and don’t want to break his heart but there’s just something about him that I’m not loving. I want to give him a chance because he truly is a great guy but I don’t know how far it will go before I either fall in love with him or decide I need to move on.

The moving on part always sucks. You tell the person you really like them, in the honeymoon stage, but then things start to happen and you start to see who they really are and you thing, “Yeah, no this isn’t going to work out”. Trying to explain it to the person is so difficult to. There really is no good way to explain it to someone that although you may like them you do not want to continue to be with them. how-guys-think-it-will-be-after-breaking-up


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