As every relationship/marriage ends there’s a point where you have to get back out there and date. You have to decide if you want it to be a hook up, one night stand, or actual relationship. Then you have to decide if you want to try online dating, blind dates or just trying it out in the real world. If your trying a dating site you have so many options both free and the ones you have to pay for, tinder, meetme, okcupid, match, eHarmony, and the list goes on.

Half the people you meet on those sites just want sex even though they say they want a relationship. This past weekend I met up with a guy and took him back to my place. I had thought we hit it off so I went down on him. He told me he had forgot something in his truck and next thing I know he was gone. Never to be heard from again. Then there are those guys who really just want to have phone sex and see pictures of you naked. Where are those real guys out there?funny-dating-12

Being recently divorced, I have noticed that my sex drive has skyrocketed. I have fantasies I never thought I would have and am turned on by even the little sexting. It probably is because I wasn’t getting adequate sex when I was married and I really haven’t had much since I kicked him out.

I’m finding though there is a fine line between what I want and what is off limits as well as who I will talk to about what. I’ve also noticed that if I start to tell small white lies to a guy, you can guarantee that that relationship or whatever isn’t going to work. If only dating were simple.



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