We are 10 days into the New Year. How have you’re New Year’s Resolutions gone? How many have already broke them?


I gave up trying to make resolutions due to the fact that within 2 or 3 days of the New Year they are already broken. I’m just that good at them. I have had resolutions of being healthy, working out more, loving myself more, finding someone to love me, making myself happy, do well in school, graduate on time… But all of them are unrealistic, ok maybe not the last one.

Yes I want all those things but life and social media gets in the way. I get home from work and the first thing I do after letting the dogs out? I go to my room and get in my comfy clothes. Once I’m in those it’s basically the last chapter of my day. I may end up baking or doing something but the last thing on my mind is going to workout. I can’t get up early because lets face it, mornings sucks! and I can’t go right after work because it isn’t on my way home from work and I have two dogs at home who have been locked up all day. Now those are some GREAT excuses. The eating healthy is also a pretty awesome concept, except when you don’t want to cook and have no one else to cook for so you grab a personal pan pizza from the freezer and pop it in the over. Oh and we can’t forget that glass of wine.

Talk about winning it at New Year’s Resolutions! (By the way I’m not). So how do we go about winning it at our resolutions? Obviously having a dog doesn’t help because instead of walking them you play with them in the house or out in the back yard. You can have a workout buddy but that buddy has to be as committed to it if not more so. We all know having a gym membership with no accountability is a waste of money. Although if you are tight for cash maybe it isn’t… Taking it one day at a time is the best way to do it, and not getting angry when you miss a day. Or saying, ‘yeah I missed a day, guess I’m done now.’ It’s not like that. You missed a day, get back on the bandwagon and ride it to 2018!

New Year's Resolutions




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