Today was the day for my final divorce hearing. It’s been a rough road getting to this point. From marrying the man I thought I knew in June, to finding out he cheated on me and had hard proof to kicking him out and filing for divorce in September. To now, the ending in this chapter of my story. Let me say this morning was a rough morning as well. I couldn’t sleep last night and kept waking up. I used snapchat this morning to send photos to my friends of what outfit I should wear to court then went to breakfast with my amazing mom. Half way through breakfast I started to fidget and the fidgeting only got worse when we should up to the court house. I became very anxious when he stepped into the court room and sat down on the other side. We didn’t say a word to each other, no hello’s or how are you’s. I just spoke to my mom like he wasn’t there. She quietly whispered to me to calm down and take deep breaths.

We sat in front of the Judge and he asked us who we were. He asked my ex if he had received the proposed judgement and agreed to it. My ex said yes. Then the Judge asked me to the stand. *Now working in child welfare for almost 2 years. Being on the stand didn’t bother me at all. The best part is I knew the Judge from many proceedings in the past.* He asked me some questions and then asked why I thought this marriage couldn’t be saved. I informed him that I believed my ex had cheated on me and although I didn’t have all proof I had enough. I also told the Judge there was a difference of opinion on multiple things including work and money. It surprised my that my ex didn’t start yelling at me. The Judge entered in the order and agreed with the terms. He told my ex that he could stay for the paperwork if he wanted to or he could leave. He left.

What baffles me and somewhat surprises me is that he doesn’t have his license so how did he get there? Hell I don’t even know what car he drives anymore…

I called my attorney, who helped with everything, shortly after leaving the court and informed her that it was finished. Then stated that in a year we probably would have to be back at it filing a motion for him to pay me the money he owes me. I really don’t think he is going to pay me and honestly at this point I’m not doing it for the money. I’m doing it to make him accountable for his actions. Hell I don’t care if I never see a dime from him. He needs to be accountable for what he did. He cannot  get away or out of this with new racing gear, that he sold, so many truck parts, which he sold, and his court fines paid off. That isn’t how life works buddy.

I feel somewhat relieved but also a little sad. It’s the end of what I thought was love. My cousin asked me a few days ago if I ever would get married again. I considered it for a few minutes and then said no. I might consider it down the road but for right now I have no intentions of getting married or having children. The 4 legged kind are enough. I may change my mind someday but for now I need to learn how not to depend on anyone else but myself. I need to learn how to be happy.tumblr_lhw8ii5ri01qbbv80o1_500


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