When insecurities take over

I was always told in High School that I was beautiful. That continued on through College and even now. Yet the only guys attracted to me are the ones who only want one thing…Sex… How come guys (girls can to) are all into dating you and wanting to be with you but the moment you give “it” up the dating stops and the texts fade out until it gets time to meet up again and do the dirty. Then the text messages start becoming a regular thing until that moment when you meet is reached again. It’s an endless rollercoaster.

How has the dating seen become that bad? Everyone only wants sex and to use each other for pleasure yet complain about not having any eligible people to date and possibly have a life with? We have gotten so… I don’t even know what to  call it, lazy? to the aspect of dating.

Everyone want to in the end find that one they can’t live without yet we have to wade through all the wrong people and one night stands for that person. Then you have someone who tells you they miss you and want to be with you yet disappears for a few days doing god knows what. The aspect of dating is so hard because everyone wants everything now, sex, commitment, they want it all. Honestly I’d be happy with skipping the awkward first date and finding someone I could be friends with before dating. Hell I don’t even know if marriage interests me at this point. All I know is I don’t want to be just a fuck buddy you call when your bored. I have feelings too!



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