3 Selfless words in every relationship

“I Love You”

The 3 words that are pivotal in every relationship. The ones that are the turning point that will either start a relationship or end it.

I met this guy almost 2 years ago now. We went on a few dates before he found out his ex was pregnant with his child. So he went back to his ex. We saw each other off and on for over 2 years as friends. We ended up ‘breaking up’ after I started seeing my now ex because he wasn’t happy with me being friends with guys. Although he could be friends with girls and hit on other girls.

So when I kicked my ex out I contacted my friend to see if he wanted to be friends again. Since then we have been hanging out every few weeks. There are a few issues with this. He still wants to be apart of his child’s life which means he is still apart of his ex’s life. Then I am still married, for the time being. A few days ago things changed between us when he told me he loved me.

I had professed my love for him many times before but each time he said he couldn’t because things were complicated between him and his ex. Why have things changed so fast? Is it because I am so close to my divorce being finalized? Does this change us?

“I love you”

Those 3 damn words that change everything…


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