Brokenness… A moment of Weakness

Christmas is a time for family and a time to be together. But driving up north Christmas Eve after going to Church with my family, I had a moment of weakness. I began to breakdown and wonder where I went wrong? Was it me who made the mistake? Should I have even filed for Divorce?

I know all those thoughts going through my head were just doubts that I know weren’t true but in the moment of weakness I wanted to believe it. I wanted to be happy and spend Christmas with my new husband not counting down the days until my divorce is final.

Not to mention Christmas day having to cater my whole Christmas around my brother, his wife and their child. As if my life and feelings don’t matter. My brother who still isn’t 50% ok with me right now kept pushing me off when questions were asked and things were brought up.

Christmas is a time to be with family… Even a dysfunctional family… Not to be arguing and feeling like you don’t belong…


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