It’s winter and of course living in the Mid-West there is always snow. It’s a never ending battle. I’ve grown up with it, dealt with the horrible snow storms (driving and being a shut in) as well as the not so horrible winters. It’s inevitable that it’s going to happy, for god-sakes I live in the Mid-West! How can anyone from around here complain about snow. We live in this and know it’s coming…Every single year… Yet every single year we complain. Complain it’s too cold, the roads are too bad, and how we can’t wait for it to be Summer. But guess what! Come Summer time we will begin to complain again, that it’s too hot and we don’t have any A.C.

What we really need to do is be grateful for the snow. Imagine a Christmas without snow? I’ve been to Florida around Christmas and it’s just not the same. Yes the weather is usually nice and I can spend the day on the beach but there is nothing like seeing that snow outside the window that your Christmas tree sits in front of.

I guess what I’m trying to say is yes snow sucks but imagine a life without a white Christmas, being able to sled, build snowmen, go snowboarding or down hill skiing. There are a lot of activities to do even though it is cold. Embrace them.


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