Have you ever woken up and you’re alone in bed? For single people this happens a lot, it may also happen for married people as well. It’s that feeling of loneliness, you know the one where you want to hug or cuddle with another human being but instead you have to hug/cuddle with a pillow or your animal if you have one? It’s depressing. We all want to be loved and held but so often we can’t find the right one who will be there and hold us in the good and bad. You know that person who is there to hold you when you have a bad dream or flashback to something that wasn’t pleasant in your past. This doesn’t just happen to children it happens to adults too.

We are ever in search of the ‘one’ who completes us or we believe that we don’t need anyone to complete us. But us as humans are designed to love and be loved. To never be alone. God made man and woman. He also made two of every animal. By nature we are designed to be with someone (whether it be someone of the same sex or different).


Mother Teresa had it right when she said the quote above. Even recently getting out of a relationship, I still feel lonely at night as well as during the day. When I’m bored at work, I just want to be able to text my significant other and talk to them about how their day is going. Yet here I am constantly fighting with my ex over how I’m not giving him another chance and how he is getting his life together. Or talking to my best friend who is in severe depression over the lack of help she is getting for her illness.

We all just want to be happy. We all want to be loved. None of us ever want to end up alone for the rest of our lives.



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