Starting over…

How does one start over?

I was told this weekend that according to studies it takes about 8 months to get over someone… 8 months… That seems like a long time. Part of me thinks that its wrong but then again it could be right. So how do you start over? It’s not like I can snap my fingers and wish for all of my dreams to come true. Hell I am still struggling in the quicksand of my life and finances. How am I supposed to start over when I can’t even make it from one pay check to the next?

I texted my ex this weekend. Told him he would never get what he did to me until someone does it to him, then again he probably won’t get it then either. He is stuck in the childish drama from High School and insists on informing me of all of it so he will text every few days. In my very adult moment when I texted him about never understanding I also said some other things and told him to stop texting me unless he was ready to start paying me back. He proceeded to call me 3 times and text me over 5 times. I never answered… He was drunk… Like that’s a huge surprise! He get’s drunk almost every day of the week, except Monday’s… The bar isn’t open on Monday’s…

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get rid of the clinger now either but he can’t text me because he’s out of the country from 3 weeks. Hopefully while he’s gone he will realize that I don’t like being pushed into sex or a relationship. Then there’s my ex and my mutual friend. He’s not really mutual, the friend doesn’t much care for my ex at all. He just hung out where we hung out all the time. He’s been hitting on me since I kicked my ex out. He’s nice, don’t get me wrong but he is not what I’m looking for in a man.

So maybe the studies are right. It has only been since August or the beginning of September… That’s like 3 or 4 months.. Not that I’m counting or anything. Our final court hearing is in 4 weeks… Again not like I’m counting..


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