The Clinger…

The clinger.


We have all dated one (at least) or have been one. What is a clinger? A clinger is someone who is always around and begging for attention in a relationship. My friend has one right now. She has a friend who loves her but she doesn’t love this friend. This friend told her that if they have sex one time she would be done and totally understood they wouldn’t go any further. Well it happened and the friend is still around. Staying at her house all the time and hinders her from getting other dates.

I also have one. I had a guy ask me out on a date a few months ago. We went, it was fun, but I told him my situation and told him I was not ready to be in a relationship. Well he said he understood and stuck around. I pushed him away for a long time but didn’t get anywhere so I went out with him again, just as friends. Now he wants to come over and spend the night. He is rather pushy and insistent that he wants to come over. Even after I continue to tell him multiple times I do not want a relationship or to date anyone right now.

These people are crazy. Yes I have been on the other side of it to. Constantly fighting for someone’s attention not knowing if they like me or not. But I am not pushing them or trying to persuade them to have sex or go out on a date with me even after they tell me no. It’s like these people have no morals and are so desperate for attention that they will do anything even put the other person in an awkward situation.

You try to let them down easy but when that doesn’t work you start trying other ways, faking a romance with someone else, telling them your a lesbian/gay. Yet still you get no where. They state they are okay with just being friends but continue to push you to do things you don’t want to do. It comes to blocking them. But if your like my friend. She can’t really block this friend because they hang out in the same circle of friends.


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