What do you do when you don’t like your job and honestly the only job you ever loved was way to stressful and you were being overworked and way under paid? What if you don’t know what you want to do but you know you don’t want to keep moving jobs every few years…Your ready to settle down, have a steady life? Can life really be steady? What happened to the years of everyone staying at jobs for their entire working career? Has the younger generation really become people who are movers?

Trust me I know my ex and old clients were definitely movers. They were the ones that would have a good job but quit it because it was too hard and there was a better job that paid more money a few doors down. You know the building that had the “Hiring” Sign in the front lawn? So they would quit their very good job and go apply for that other job. Only to realize that they aren’t qualified for that job or just didn’t get it.

I at least have the sense to have a job before I quit my old one. It’s just the rundown feeling I get when I get close to wanting to leave. Like now, trust my being a paper pusher is fun and all but coming from a life of Social Work (Child Welfare) where there weren’t enough hours in the day and endless amounts of work. It’s a big difference, and I know for sure I am not a cookie cutter, corporate office worker. I have tattoos, I like to have my nose ring (it isn’t in now but I want it to be again) and I have a purple streak through my hair that I get dirty looks about all the time. Cookie cutter office worker? Hell no!

Then again I don’t want to be my age, 26, and working at McDonald’s trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow older. I can’t do that, I have responsibilities and a HUGE hole I have to dig myself out of thanks to my bum of an ex. Although if it came down to it, I would probably go back to foodservice because it is a job. No matter how many people think its beneath them, again my ex (I’m sorry). A job is a job people! Even if it is just a stepping stone to a better job down the road but make sure you already have that job before you go quitting your old one…


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