Sleep is not your best friend.



Sleep is not your best friend… Well maybe it’s yours but it really isn’t mine… It doesn’t matter how much I sleep, how little I sleep, where I sleep or how I sleep. I’m always tired. Yet when I did my sleep test a few years ago, only then did I have an amazing night’s sleep. Why is that?

It’s so easy to be caught up in the activities of life. The things you have to do the next day. The places you have to go. Oh and lets not forget adding milk to the grocery list because you need to… Half of these things don’t even make it till morning and your to tired at night to turn a light on and write it down or walk to the nearest pad of paper. Then you have to find a pen, stupid pens they are never there when you need them or they are but they have died the lonely battle and are now unusable.

Do you ever wish there was a recording your device in your head that would automatically write down everything you were thinking? Man that would be scary!!! Yet I’m sure those awesome ideas that you have and then forget them right away would be awesome! Where’s my science genius boyfriend…Oh yeah that’s right…Sheldon Lee Cooper doesn’t exist in real life… Dang


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