When Life gives you Lemons…WTF?

Lemon slices background

I never got the statement, ‘When life give you lemons, make lemonade’. Honestly when life gives me lemons why can’t I just chuck them at people? I’m sure there are many people who need lemons chucked at their head… I can think of a few… I was asked today if I would ever hit my computer with a baseball bat. I responded by saying, “no I’d rather throw it and hit cars with baseball bats.” There was a TV show on the CW, of doctors and one episode this one lady doctor was having a rough time so her male doctor friend took her to a junk yard and there was a car just magically sitting in the middle of it. The male doctor handed her a bat and she just went on hitting the car to get all of her aggression out. That sounds so amazing! Since it’s illegal to vandalize someone’s car and is frowned upon for beating people up. I’d take that option instead… It’s okay, his, car was impounded this weekend. I also went to see him Wednesday, and realized he isn’t worth anything to me. I just wanted him to sign the damn papers… Which he didn’t…. Asshole! (sorry again kids).



We are taught Aggression is a bad thing, but look at how we are raised! With crazy drivers, protests all over the world, Every thing is geared toward, “I don’t like what is going on so I’m going to fight back” That theory really doesn’t help our world. If we are all fighting nothing will get accomplished… Sorry Law Makers, honestly we all hate one of you…  This system cannot be fixed because no one can agree with everything. We all don’t think, do or say the same thing. How can that fix every wrong thing in the word?




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