What the hell is going on?

So today marks Election Day 2017. Your choices are Donald Trump, who sounds like Daffy Duck’s cousin, or Hillary Clinton, who we all know is the wife of great and powerful Bill Clinton. So who will you choose? Will you vote? Will you wait in those 2 hour lines waiting to cast your vote in less than 5 minutes and get that amazing “I VOTED” sticker everyone dreams about?

I bet you’re asking, who is this person? Well let me introduce myself. I am currently back living the single life with a dog attached at my hip now. I am also in the process of getting that lovely thing called a DIVORCE!!! The dreaded word no one wants to hear or say. Trust me I didn’t want to say it before I kicked my ex out. But then I came to the conclusion living with a moocher was not the way to live. So I got my big girl boots on and kicked him to the curb and the next day filed for a Divorce…  That was only a month ago… We were married for 3 measly months… Yup my life was fucked! (Sorry children for the bad language, but it happens…we are all adults here now).


While everyone is trying to decide who to vote for today. I am trying to decide the best way and easiest way to get my ex to sign the consensual divorce documents so we don’t have to wait three months until we go to court and finalize this motherfucker. Being the “bitch” I suppose I am, I decided to shut off his phone a few days ago because he wasn’t paying his bill or getting his phone on his own plan. Then I sent him a snotty text message asking how his phone was. I also said some other choice words. He obviously found WiFi because he responded saying he wanted to “sing those papers right now no if’s and’s or butt’s”. Yeah people I truly picked a winner!!!

A bit of history on our relationship. We met online at the beginning of the year. Found out we had a lot in common and decided we were in love and sole mates… (Honestly don’t ever believe that shit!)… So we dated for a few months. Were engaged for about 2 and married in June… In a court house… Behind my families back… While most of them were out of the country… (Also not a great thing to do!) We survived the marital bliss/honeymoon period for about a month. Then things started to crumble. He got off probation (yeah 2nd time, trust me I really picked a WINNER!) and had just started frequenting the bars again… On a nightly basis… And of course on my penny… He had a job when we were together. Got fired shortly before we got married. Found another job he worked for 2 or 3 weeks then decided he didn’t want to work there anymore so never showed up to work after that. Then went a few good months without work. Until he found a good job, factory work, that lasted a month then he was let go. And that’s all she wrote for work… So back to my story. His drinking became a nightly event. Followed by drinking way to much, followed by becoming verbally and emotionally aggressive/abusive, followed by violent toward other people and things, followed by the ‘I can stop if I want to’ (which one drink a day is not stopping. Sorry non-Alcoholic Alcoholic people). The tipping point was one night while he had 2 bar sized bottles of Jack downed he told me he never loved me and never wanted to be married. I also found out he had been cheating on me (woman never trust anyone until you have your evidence).

I went to work. Digging up all I could on him. Tracking him while I was at work and monitoring his Facebook (messages were disappearing faster then they were appearing). One day while I was “working” (actually sitting at work pretending to work) I found him texting a girl asking for nude photos and guess what! They came!! But when I got home and looked at his phone it was gone. So I kicked him out, brought him his things and said we were done.

Since then it has been a cycle of crazy. He tries to get me back by sweet talking me giving me all of these promises, followed by “YOUR CRAZY!” when he doesn’t get his way, followed by “I’m sorry”. Well I’m sorry to, you do not Social Work a Social Worker… You loose!

It came to the point where like I said I shut his phone off. Here he is spending every night he can at the bar. Jobless yet again. Selling everything I’ve given him trying to make money for his over $200 weekly bar tab as well as his endless pack a day cigarette obsession. What I don’t understand is that I thought I was an alcoholic in College (it was a rough time in life) but I stopped. I told him this and I have since stopped drinking and if I do drink I don’t drink much at all. Yet he believes he does not have a problem. He believes he can control himself. Darling if you are at a bar 6 out of 7 nights a week (one night their closed), you have 3 DUI’s, and have gotten caught twice in the last two weeks driving on a suspended license. Something should change right?!? Am I crazy here?!?! But your right dear, you do not have a problem 🙂

Which brings me to my final point. Back to the Election. How can I vote for someone who has all of these promises but history promises almost all of them will not get fulfilled? Hey I want to be President. Everyone vote for the White Girl… Oh wait! We don’t like women as Pres, (they taint our world… We all know it!). Although on the other side of things we did elect a Black President twice now… Maybe anything is possible… Maybe…



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