Why share all of these experiences?

You may be wondering why I shared all of these experiences within the past week. Most of you will probably skip over everything. Honestly, I don’t mind, but people need to know that there are predators out there who want nothing more than your vagina and will do anything to get it.

I saw a meme about a dating sight on the internet not too long ago. It was a side by side drawing. On the left side was a man fishing in the water and on the right side was a woman in the water with sharks around her. The caption was, “Men v. Women on ____”. It’s so true though. Dating in this day in age is hard, it’s hard to find people around you so you look for people online only to be found by predators.

We women need to stick together and have each other’s back. Men need to realize women are not meat that you can use and throw out. My story will never be done but one day I hope to find happiness, even if I am alone. I will not be used and abused anymore.


Mr. AAR & Mr. Mex

Mr. AAR, I met you online. Things seamed great but I never should have met you in person. What started off as a night in watching movies turned into a sex session with consequences. I told you no multiple times but you held me down and forced yourself on me. Then after you asked me to take a bath with you. While in the bathtub you asked me to marry you and have multiple children together. I told you I wasn’t ready for that. Shortly after I left you and never spoke to you again. You continued to reach out months after on Facebook and through messages but I blocked you.

Mr. Mex, you I also met online. We hit it off right away too. We explored the coast together and had fun. But you too became clingy right away. Stating you had to go home and were wondering if anything were to happen and you couldn’t get back into the USA if I would come save you by marrying you. I told you no, yet you wouldn’t take the hint. You like Mr. AAR, kept stalking me for a while.

Mr. Liar

Mr. Liar,

If It wasn’t for our demise, I would have never gotten with my now ex-husband and gotten married. We had something good together. We hit it off from the beginning. That was until your ex-fiancé asked to meet you and talk. Things began to unravel then. You found out she was pregnant with your child yet you didn’t want to be in a relationship with her and wanted to be in one with me. But, as you kept seeing me you also informed me that you were trying to make things work with her. You wanted to be involved in your baby’s life, which I understood. Since I felt like the second woman, I drifted away to let you work things out while I went and found my now ex-husband.  We knew we couldn’t just be friends and had to be more than that. So, we cut off communication.


It wasn’t until my marriage started to crumble that I reached out again to you. Of course, we hooked back up the day I kicked my husband out, why wouldn’t we… About the second time after we hooked up you informed me you had gotten married to your ex and baby momma, but were in an open relationship. You had lied to me and didn’t tell me the truth until after. I had always been truthful to you! Over the two years we had known each other I knew you were hiding other secrets, maybe your name wasn’t really what you told me, maybe you hadn’t actually broken up with your ex.

I gave you my heart and you crushed it.

Mr. Broken Heart

Mr. Broken heart, I want to tell you I’m sorry. I never met to break your heart. You were my first real relationship after my divorce was finalized. I never should have gotten involved with you, I wasn’t sure what I wanted with my life. Yes I did cheat on you almost the entire time we were together. In a different time of my life we would have been great together.

Again I’m sorry…

Mr. Groper

Mr. Groper, a guy I worked with and made the mistake of going out on a date with once. That one date, I didn’t feel comfortable and made one of my roommates call and inform me there was an emergency and I had to get home. Our first date was supposed to be a good date. We were going to go to see a movie, the movie was empty, it was dark, you began to put your hand up my skirt and down my shirt. You kissed me passionately. In yet another instance I froze. I didn’t know what to do, I had never been in this instance. I moved your hand from under my skirt and then you went after my boobs. I tried to end it with you after that. You knew you messed up and promised you wouldn’t do it again. So, I gave you a second chance, this time we went to a coffee shop. Again, you made it very uncomfortable for me, making sure we were in a private corner so that you could “cuddle with me” and again put your hand down my shirt.

It was after this second time that I knew we were never going to be anything more and I stopped talking to you. You didn’t get it though. Thankfully our boss fired you shortly after due to other reasons and I never saw or heard from you again.

Mr. Broken Promises

Mr. Broken Promises – now he was my night and shining armor. He was the one I thought… I had met him online as well shortly after my divorce. He was also going through a divorce and seemed like a great guy. Taking care of his dying relative every day while fighting for custody of his kids.

Things also started off great! We had the “divorced connection” with religious family backgrounds. I thought we had a connection. We got talking about the deep stuff, and then he introduced me to his friend, whom I’ve never met to this day! I chatted with both of them and we began this crazy sexual threesome. I began to thrive for nights when I could sneak up to his dying relatives house and spend a few hours with him. We had made plans for our life and where we wanted it to go.

Then things started to get weird. He stopped coming by and started asking if random men, whom I’ve never met, could come to my house for a hookup. Of course he wouldn’t be there, as he had to work. I kept telling him no and that I thought it wasn’t safe but he kept assuring me.

It got to the point where he would come over on Sundays for breakfast, a place to sleep and a quickie. Which lasted a few weeks then turned into massive amounts of broken promises of going out on dates and spending holidays together. I worked with a guy who was friends with his family, and after not hearing from him for a few weeks I asked the guy I worked with what was going on with the family and if the relative had passed. The weekend rolled around and the coworker came back saying that the relative was still alive and all was fine. Then I received a text from Mr. Broken Promises informing me that his divorce was not final yet, like he said it was, and that I couldn’t go around telling people we were dating. I informed him that I hadn’t and asked as a concerned friend.

You, Mr. Broken Promises, were my first and hopefully last experience with sex trafficking…